• My talk at the 2022 Banff International Research Station (BIRS) workshop on Deep Exploration of non-Euclidean Data with Geometric and Topological Representation Learning:
  • My talk at STOC 2022 on streaming lower bounds for CSP approximation:
  • My talk at the Simons Institute on the polynomial convergence of polar codes to Shannon capacity, part of the 2015 Workshop on Coding: From Practice to Theory:


  • I took part in a very interesting series of podcasts, hosted by IndusThink as part of the Indo-Pacific Mobility Forum 2021, on the role of Indic languages in the context of knowledge designs and technology.
    • The first part, Indic Languages in the Information Age, ended up being a marathon 2.5 hour long panel discussion and touched on topics such as the interaction among various Indian languages (including Sanskrit), the role of technology in furthering Indic languages, analysis of linguistic data from the Indian census, the role of Indian languages in a skilled labor force, etc.:
    • The second part, Indic Knowledge Designs & Disruptive Technologies, was around 2 hours and covered some additional topics, including language extinction, language revival, and democratization of knowledge: